Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a Twin Mom night out...

So a couple of my twin mom friends and I went out on the town. None of these ladies actually went to A&M, but they have all ended up here in CS for some reason or another. The best part of this... taking them to all the fun "college" places during Christmas break! And we hit up most of them tonight! But only a few pics..

Bottle Cap Alley...

At P-tar's for a Flaming Dr. Pepper...
{SS & Laura}

{Gini & Michelle}

We wrapped up the night at Murphy's Law... not really a place from my college days, but fun nonetheless!

These ladies have been fantastic getting to know and hanging out with. And I love out little twin group... it makes some days so much easier when you have a group that knows EXACTLY what you are dealing with!!!

And this will be the last "fun" post of our Christmas season... because in just a day we will all be sick. YAY.

randoms... with Kyler

My cousin Josh is not quite 2 years older than the girls, but he made this picture for them at school! My aunt said when the teacher asked what he was thankful for, he said the girls! Precious.

And then here's Kyler... sprawled out in my lap today. What a mess!!!


Love that I'm listening to Kyle try to convince the girls to sit in Santa's lap today... and I love more that Kyler keeps telling him that she's too big... after she tried to tell him she was too little. I think this is going to make for excellent Santa pictures!!!!


Well, I'm calling this a successful Santa trip. Although, Kate was the one who chickened out. Kyler slowly made her way closer and closer. Go figure! But still no tears and a decent pic!!

Afterwards, we made a stop at the puppy store, Claire's and Auntie Anne's for some pretzel sticks for my brave Santa girls!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A few things I couldn't pass up today...

I got a Christmas card from my friend who just got married in September... and it was just too cute!

And Kate likes to have her picture taken these days...

With the stockings from Grandmother...

And in her princess dress...

Monday, December 17, 2012

long December weekend

It was a long weekend and it didn't even really get crazy until Saturday! KG had his beer club party Friday night, so we slept in on Saturday... well, as late as you can with kiddos.

We left for YaYa & Pappy's around 330 for their friend Christmas party, and the girls were so excited to get to YaYa & Pappy's house! Since we left so late in the afternoon, the girls napped before we headed out... and there were some crazy things happening!

Kyler was under that lady bug pillow and the play mat...

When I picked those things up, this was her underneath...

And Kate was completely naked! Diaper and all!!

There is just something wonderful about being at home around Christmas... My parent's house is always so warm and festive. I love it!

The girls went outside to the fire pit for a little bit, but didn't really stay long!

And Aunt Becca made them special decorated cookies for after dinner...

A little Sunday morning snuggles with Pappy & Kyler!

Sunday I got up and headed to Dallas. I met up with my dear friend Keisha and we did a little Christmas shopping. Eventually we just gave up and went for some drinks and dinner! Drew came over and met us for dinner and it was so great to hang out with two of my dearest friends!!! Not to mention we had dinner at Mi Cocina which surely meant Mambo Taxis!!! And after dinner, Keisha and I got some snacks from the 7-11 and headed to her place to watch the very important Ashley & JP's Wedding!!!! Honestly, that was the whole reason for my trip to Dallas. Keish is my Bach franchise watching partner, and we had to celebrate the big wedding!!!

Dinner view...


Meanwhile at YaYa & Pappy's house...

I got up on Monday morning and drove back to Gville, picked up the girls and KG, and headed back to CS. We had a little Christmas tree play time...

And I let the girls play with their Christmas cards and stickers that came in the mail from YaYa & Pappy!

And if that wasn't enough, they made a little chalk drawing for me on my kitchen cabinets!!!

Crazy weekend and Kate seems to be sick again, even though she is on antibiotic. Runny watery eyes and runny nose. Plus super grouchy.

Here we go...

Sunday, December 16, 2012

little star

Kate is very good at singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star... she sings pretty much the whole song and only really stumbles over the words on "up above the world."

She's also pretty good at Jesus Love Me.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Stockings

This is a special post.

Grandmother has made a special Christmas stocking for each of her grandchildren, and this year she finished the ones for the girls and sent them home with us. We got sooo many compliments on them, and the pictures do not do them justice. They are beautiful. I still have the Christmas stocking that was made for me as a little girl, and I know my girls will cherish these forever... especially because they were made by their Grandmother.

Aunt Sherry

We've been lucky to have my aunt and uncle and cousins right here in town, and it is always a special and fun day when any of them come to visit!!!

Aunt Sherry came over to play for a bit today...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

last MDO

Today was the girls' last Mother's Day Out for the semester, so KG & I treated ourselves to a little Mexican lunch. Delish.

And the girls made sweet little cards for their teacher's and included one of their delicious Christmas cookies!!

Can't wait until January!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent #12

Tonight for our Advent event, we invited the Hawkins family over for minestrone soup and Christmas cookie decorating!

Both girls ate so much soup! It was FULL of veggies that they would never eat plain, but they love (especially Kate) soup. And Kate even helped me cook it today... she added some salt.

Cookie decorating was a process! I had made all the cookies, and then mixed up the frosting today. Tami & KG kept the girls going on sprinkles and cookies, while Andrew & I put frosting on all the cookies (I just wasn't ready to hand the frosting over to the girls!).

Kate poured sprinkles on... as many as possible. And by the end, Kyler had sprinkles on her eyelids and forehead. Needless to say, I think all four girls had a great time (as well as the adults), and we ended the night with a bath!!!

Then tonight before bed, Kate prayed for Ashlynn & Aleia and cookies and the doctor. Sweet girl.

Here's the picture proof...