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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advent #12

Tonight for our Advent event, we invited the Hawkins family over for minestrone soup and Christmas cookie decorating!

Both girls ate so much soup! It was FULL of veggies that they would never eat plain, but they love (especially Kate) soup. And Kate even helped me cook it today... she added some salt.

Cookie decorating was a process! I had made all the cookies, and then mixed up the frosting today. Tami & KG kept the girls going on sprinkles and cookies, while Andrew & I put frosting on all the cookies (I just wasn't ready to hand the frosting over to the girls!).

Kate poured sprinkles on... as many as possible. And by the end, Kyler had sprinkles on her eyelids and forehead. Needless to say, I think all four girls had a great time (as well as the adults), and we ended the night with a bath!!!

Then tonight before bed, Kate prayed for Ashlynn & Aleia and cookies and the doctor. Sweet girl.

Here's the picture proof...

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